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Rediscover you

After my first week of career advising students at CU Boulder's new South Denver Campus, i noticed how many of the students (mostly non traditional, working professionals) still use the results of self exploration and discovery from their days as an undergrad. For some that was 5- 10 years prior but for many we are talking 15, 20+. As we gain experience (work and personal) we adapt, we modify, we change. For these students it was important that we took a step back and reexamine ourselves: our passions, our attributes, our goals and create a new starting point.

As i work with these students over the next few weeks we will be able to keep these new attributes and goals in mind as we lay out a new path and rework their resume and CV's to reflect these changes.

To put this to test, i decided to do the attribute inventory worksheet along with the students. I found that i need to make some changes to my resume so it will reflect the current (and hopefully guide the future) me. When was the last time you examined yourself?

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